Catalyst Drama is a ministry of Cedar Park Church in Bothell, WA and is made up of volunteers from the Seattle area who are committed to moving beyond the borders of their own churches to minister to people.  We are not just about performing; we are about being ministers of Christ.

Catalyst provides both challenging dramas and contemporary worship.

  • Drama allows people to feel like they are participating in the story.  It has the ability to convey the ideas and emotion of a message in ways people can relate to.  The dramas presented by Catalyst contain a message of sacrifice and commitment that will challenge any believer or non-believer.
  • Worship is how we connect with God.  It allows us to participate with the body in expressing our love for Him and it encourages us in our devotion to Him.  This is at the core of whoe we are as Christians – worshipers of Jesus Christ.

We are not about promoting ourselves, our talents, or our ministry.  We are about coming alongside ministers to further their efforts to inspire the saints and to share the Gospel.

Catalyst is led by David and Michelle Potter who founded the ministry in September of 1998 beginning with a group of people who were passionate about ministry and about drama.  Initial projects included illustrated sermons and short one-act plays for their home church.  From there the ministry moved to presenting misssions plays to Cedar Park as well as touring to area churches.  Since 2004 we have included prisons and juvenile detention centers in our touring schedule.

The other members of the team include people from all walks of life, including engineers, business owners, teachers, stay-at-home moms, and others.

Our Mission

Using drama and contemporary worship as the medium to …

  • …challenge believers and unbelievers to inrease their commitment to Christ.
  • …encourage people to not be satisified with the status quo and to take their commitment to the Lord to the next level.

See our mission statement for more details about our mission.

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